vista coatingVisTa coating, an Isoflux product, consists of a unique nano-structured tantalum coating that offers unparalleled performance for some of the most challenging medical applications.

Tantalum Coating Enhances Visibility

Tantalum (Ta) enhances the visibility of devices such as stents. Visibility is a particular problem for self-expanding nitinol stents, which are barely visible under fluoroscopy (see image).

An uncoated nitinol stent is virtually invisible under X-ray; whereas, a stent coated with VisTa is clearly visible. The tantalum coating allows doctors to easily visualize the orientation and position of the device. This enhanced visibility is achieved without marker bands. (While marker bands can improve imaging, they can also negatively affect device performance.)

Unparalleled Performance for Stents

VisTa coatingVisTa’s unique nanostructure provides unrivaled flexibility, which is critical for the performance of nitinol stents. With VisTa coating, the inherent properties of Nitinol devices remain uncompromised; there is no significant change in the chronic outward force or the radial resistive force. Thus, VisTa provides visibility and flexibility without sacrificing mechanical properties.

VisTa is also highly biocompatible. For example, 30-day & 6-month porcine studies showed no difference between VisTa coated stents and uncoated Nitinol stentsĀ in areas related to:

topview-sem-500x-caption-1Unique Nanostructure Enables Medical Applications

The unparalleled flexibility of VisTa is possible due to its unique nanostructure. The nanostructure consists of individual “pillars” of coating (see image), which allows for a number of unique applications for medical products. This nanostructure enables: