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Plastic injection molds with PVD coating

How PVD Coatings Help You Meet Customer Expectations

You might not realize it, but a lot of what you are promising your customers can be better achieved with PVD coating for your plastic injection molds. Better molds help you achieve better results that will better please your customers. Read on to learn how PVD coating adds value to your plastic injection molds and

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pvd coated cutting tools

14 Ways PVD Coatings Boost Performance of Plastic Injection Molds and Cutting Tools

Advanced Coating Service helps injection molding and machining shops enhance productivity, reduce downtime, increase profit margins and improve overall performance by applying PVD coatings to tools, molds, and finished machine components. PVD coating process involves vaporizes specialized materials through a high tech vacuum process. The vaporized material is deposited as a thin layer on your

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Plastic injection mold with PVD coating

How PVD Coatings Help Maximize Plastic Injection Mold Lifespan and Profits

The plastic injection molding industry is growing at a healthy rate, there’s no doubt about that. With expected industry growth of over 5% through 2020, revenues are projected to eclipse $162 billion worldwide, and North America continues to hold the lion’s share of the market, for now. The industry has seen a considerable amount of

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tool coating

Cutting Tool Coatings: The Demand to Increase Performance

As a machinist, owner, or OEM who wants to increase the profitability of your cutting tools (or has experienced the increasing pressure to improve their performance), you should have a general knowledge on tool coatings and coating processes. Tool coatings are constantly evolving to provide even better performance in the most demanding applications. In this

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triple coating

Triple Coatings & Other Coating Structures

What is meant by the term “triple coatings”? “TripleCoatings®” is a term coined by Platit, a Swiss manufacturer of PVD coating equipment, to identify a new generation of coating structures that they introduced in 2007. They specifically designed their cathodic arc coating unit “Pi311” to utilize 4 targets inside of the coating chamber to produce

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Stent & Guidewire

Boston Scientific Corp. Takes Advantage of Radiopaque Coating Technology (VisTa)

Medical device manufacturers thrive when they help end users conduct procedures with more simplicity and accuracy. One innovative way to achieve these qualities is by layering their devices with advanced coatings. Are the coatings you’re applying to interventional devices and implants able to simplify minimally invasive procedures with accuracy? This was the case for Boston

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How Chip-Breaker Design & Nanocomposite Coating Reduced Machining Cost & Downtime

As a design engineer in the machining industry, you have the important responsibility to establish efficiencies that ensure the survival of your company and welfare of your team. In order to stay competitive, you must find ways to reduce material cost and machine downtime. This was certainly the case for our friends at MacLean-Curtis, LLC

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David Glocker Coating

Dr. David Glocker Impacts ACS’ Medical / R&D Coating Services

ACS has expanded its capabilities to include medical and R&D coating services by implementing technologies and methods designed and perfected by Dr. David Glocker. Much of what we implement has been made possible by Mark Romach, our Engineering / R&D Manager. Romach has spent many years working with Glocker, who is widely recognized for his

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eastec tradeshow AlTiN pvd coating

EASTEC Manufacturing Expo

ACS was excited to exhibit at the EASTEC Manufacturing Expo on May 16-18, located at: Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA What Is EASTEC? The EASTEC trade show is a premier manufacturing expo in West Springfield, MA. Featuring over 500 exhibitors (including Advanced Coating Service at Booth 5674), EASTEC aims to keep northeast manufacturers competitive by

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Mark Romach, Engineering _ R_D Manager

Mark Romach Adds Isoflux Coating Technology to ACS

Advanced Coating Service (ACS) is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Mark Romach to our team. We’re very excited to welcome Mark as he adds the technological knowledge he developed at Isoflux to further advance our medical and R&D coating services. Mark’s experience in the thin film vacuum coating industry began in 1981 when

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