How PVD Coatings Help You Meet Customer Expectations

Plastic injection molds with PVD coating

You might not realize it, but a lot of what you are promising your customers can be better achieved with PVD coating for your plastic injection molds. Better molds help you achieve better results that will better please your customers.

Read on to learn how PVD coating adds value to your plastic injection molds and assists in delivering on the promises you make to your customer.

What PVD Coating Does for Plastic Injection Molds

PVD coating is a micro-thin layer of metal-based particles that acts as a protective barrier layer and lubricated jacket over the surface of your mold.

PVD coating protects your mold’s surfaces and reduces friction, allowing the mold to perform better for longer. It does this all without affecting the integrity of your design.

Your Business Promise #1: “We are a Cost-effective Molding Service”

As a manufacturer, you are committed to providing your customers with a quality product at a beneficial price point, where both companies can partner and succeed.

How PVD Coatings Help You Deliver

PVD protects your mold from corrosion and other damages, so you won’t have to spend money to replace your mold. You can even have your mold stripped and recoated before the coating ever erodes, so you can avoid replacing the mold.

Because PVD coating improves mold longevity, it reduces downtime and man-hours needed for a job because it allows machines to work more continuously and consistently.

These benefits will help you save money in the long run, delivering a more cost-effective product to your customers.

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Your Business Promise #2: “We are Speedy and Efficient”

To have a quick turnaround time for customers, your machines need to work quickly and efficiently.

How PVD Coatings Help You Deliver

PVD coating speeds up your machine time in a notable way through a combination of factors.

Coating your molds helps your final product eject easier, which will speed up your manufacturing process by eliminating manual intervention to retrieve stuck parts from the mold and by eliminating manual cleaning of mold surfaces of polymer debris.

When your molds are lasting longer with PVD coatings, you won’t have as frequent machine downtime and you won’t run as many time-costly setup runs because you won’t have to replace or service your molds as often.

These and other seemingly insignificant benefits of PVD coating can impact your production time in a big way when you consider them together.

Your Business Promise #3: “We are Innovative and Experienced”

Your expertise comes from the knowledge your team has gained through experience and hard work. When your expertise is combined through a partnership with the knowledge and resources at ACS, there is a synergy that maximizes results. PVD coating doesn’t impact that by itself, but it does offer another way you can innovate to give your client the best product with a more positive environmental impact.

How PVD Coatings Help You Deliver

PVD coatings are constantly evolving, and there are many kinds such as Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN), or Chrome Nitride (CrN), and you, with help from a coating specialist, can determine what type is best for your application.

Even better, PVD coating holds up against corrosive and abrasive elements and does not contain any hazardous materials unlike its coating counterpart, electroplating. PVD coating also doesn’t produce chemical waste, keeping your production process environmentally-friendly.

Your Business Promise #4: “We are Precise”

Precision and accuracy are necessary when you are producing the best product for your customer.

How PVD Coatings Help You Deliver

PVD coating dramatically reduces friction, so molten plastic can travel through your mold quickly, easily reaching all the cavities and crevices of the mold. This results in a uniform filling with more accurate definition.

Your Business Promise #5: “We produce the Highest-Quality Product”

While you design and create your high-quality mold, PVD coating can help ensure it works properly to create the best final product possible.

How PVD Coatings Help You Deliver

When your molds work better, your final products work better. PVD coating improves how the polymer fills the mold, forms in the mold, and ejects from the mold. For intricate, customized designs, this is critical.

Getting Help with PVD Coatings

PVD coating cannot make any of these promises true – your company already does that. What PVD coatings do is help your company achieve these promises easier and faster, helping your molds work to the best of their abilities.

We know that PVD coating is just one, small piece of your production puzzle, but we believe it can positively impact your bottom line so you can worry about the important things like meeting customer expectations.

Talk to an ACS Coating Specialist to learn about our diverse line of coatings that can help you deliver on your promises.