Medical Coating

Biocompatible Coatings

pvd medical stentWe provide cathodic arc coatings to the medical industry for both color-coding and wear-resistant applications using the Platit processes. These PVD coatings are well suited for surgical instruments and non-implantable medical components, and some are known in the industry to be biocompatible.

Thin Film Coating for Medical Device Manufacturers

We’re ready to discuss your application and can work with medical device manufacturers and subcontractors who are looking to improve their product’s performance and appearance through the application of a thin film coating.

Magnetron Sputtering

In 2001, ACS purchased Isoflux, Inc. coating equipment and entered the tool coating market. Building upon that original partnership, in 2016 we acquired part of the thin film process development and coating equipment from Isoflux. This addition to our coating facility has allowed us to provide magnetron sputtering as another option for smaller parts and R&D projects.
medical coating

VisTa™ Coatings & Gold-Based AuRa Coatings

We currently have two vacuum systems in our facility built around the ICM (Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron) magnetron sputtering cathode that allow us to deposit a variety of coatings. One machine is dedicated to the tantalum-based VisTa™ coating (developed and patented by Isoflux), which provides increased radiopacity to implantable medical devices.

The other machine has been used to apply a variety of metallic and reactive coatings to numerous proprietary medical parts. This is the ICM machine that is used to deposit the AuRa coating for increased radiopacity. Additionally, various industrial processes have been tested and prototyped in this second chamber.

Metallic & Reactive Coatings

  • Ti
  • TiN
  • TiOx
  • Zr
  • ZrN
  • ZrOx
  • Al
  • AlOx
  • Ta
  • TaOx
  • Cr
  • CrOx
  • NiTi
  • Ni
  • Si
  • SiOx
  • Pt
  • Ag
  • Au

Medical Parts

If you have further interest in any medical coatings for your products, please contact us.