Firearms and Accessories

pvd coating durabilityPVD has been a proven technology for over 25 years for the firearms industry. Many of the same coatings that are effectively used on tool bits that machine firearm components are just as effective at improving the firearm components themselves, in areas related to:

Other PVD Coating Benefits for Firearm Components

PVD Coating Benefits for Firearm Components

Our customers partner with us for decorative purposes and to benefit the extremely demanding applications involved with firearms – such as the high-speed and high-pressure friction of internal working mechanisms, the extreme heat and various contaminants exposed to barrels, and the reciprocating motion that wears on the body and frame.

Due to its ability to offer increased durability and corrosion resistance, our thin film coating extends the typical lifespan of firearm parts – all the while keeping the original appearance of these items intact. In fact, the 2-3 micron thick coatings do not appreciably change the dimensions of your finished component, so clearances and tolerances are easily maintained. Other valuable benefits are how PVD coating can provide extreme temperature stability and a natural lubricity (which means less need for dirt-grabbing oils) to firearm components.

Firearm PVD Coating Recommendations

To coat firearms and their accessories, we usually* recommend Aluminium Titanium Nitride (AlTiN). This non-reflective, rich-black, protective PVD coating offers:

*Visit our Coating Properties chart to view other PVD coating options.

Firearm PVD Coating Applications

pvd coating durability

Choke tube from a shotgun

PVD coating can be applied to benefit a variety of firearm parts and accessories that are used in tactical applications. ACS has coated shotgun choke tubes, triggers, bolt/carrier assemblies, slides, barrels, firing pins, and hardware for various firearm manufacturers. Other items we’re able to coat or refinish for OEMs and firearm enthusiasts include the following:


Additional components in this category include internal mechanisms (on handguns, pistols, hunting rifles, and military firearms) that require close tolerance, such as frames, mag release pins, ejectors, and hammers. It also includes extreme heat applications, such as muzzle brakes, flash suppressors, gas blocks, sound suppressors, cylinders, quad rails, and forearms.

Tactical Accessories

firearm coating

Bolt from a precision rifle

Tactical accessories such as scopes, optics, and lights, including: housing assemblies, mounting bases, rings, assembly hardware, and tactical light housings, bodies, caps, and cases.

Knives & Cutting Tools

Axes, hatchets, machetes, breaching tools, knives, spear heads, bolt cutters, and multi-tools.

Archery Equipment

Assembly hardware, risers, cams, cable guards, stabilizers/weights, and releases.

How to Prepare Your Firearm for Our PVD Coating Process

Since we do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License), we are not able to process parts that are serialized, nor can we accept assembled firearms into our facility. As a result, every pin, screw, or other hardware in your part must be removed so that we can adequately clean and prepare your firearm component for our PVD coating process.

A Note on Appearance

disassembled pistol

Slide, spring, barrel & frame of a disassembled pistol

Since the coating is microscopically thin, it perfectly replicates the surface of your component. If you send us a scratched and dented part, the thin coating doesn’t hide, or fill, those defects. If you send a polished part, you get a polished part with a new color. If you send a bead blasted part, the resulting surface finish will still be the same matte finish as the bare part, with just a different color.

A Note on Durability

While PVD coating is extremely hard, if your firearm component is made of a soft material like aluminum, the coating may fail under impact as the softer metal underneath gives way. Think of it like an M&M – the hard coated candy shell fails because the softer milk chocolate underneath deforms.

A Note on Damage

While we treat your firearm components with the utmost care at our facility, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the integrity of your part if it becomes damaged because of raw material or construction issues that compromise the part while it is under vacuum and being coated. Thus, if damage occurs, we will not charge you for the cost of coating, nor will we reimburse you for the cost of your firearm component. 

If you’re in the firearms and accessories industry, and are looking to take advantage of applying PVD coating benefits to your part, we would love to talk! Please contact us or fill out the Quick Quote order form below.