Cylindrical Magnetrons

Isoflux Cathode Repairs, Modifications, and New Buildsisoflux cathode

As part of the business agreement between ACS and Isoflux, ACS has assumed the responsibility to support any existing and future Isoflux customers who need support for the Isoflux sputtering cathodes. ACS provides:


If you need support for your Isoflux-manufactured ICM (Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron) sputter cathode, please contact us. As an authorized fabrication center for Isoflux cathodes, we provide cathode repairs, modifications, and new builds.

What Are Inverted Cylindrical Magnetrons?

Isoflux’s Hollow Cathode Magnetron Sources (or “inverted cylindrical magnetrons”) use cylindrical targets to encompass the substrate with coating materials. These inverted magnetrons are ideal to coat complex, 3D shapes, fibers, wires, and many other substrates. Much more efficient than planar magnetrons for coating complex shapes because the target surrounds the part, the cylindrical magnetron design offers:
isoflux cylindrical magnetron

Coat 3D Items at Once, Without Rotation

The cylindrical design creates a more efficient and simple process as it allows entire 3D items to be coated at once, without the need for rotation. Unlike many planar magnetron designs, the magnetic field in the cylindrical magnetron produces uniform plasma, which offers a more uniform use of materials. The cylindrical magnetron uses around 75% of the target because most of the sputtering deposition material that isn’t deposited on the substrate is re-deposited onto the target.

isoflux cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathodes

Benefits of Cylindrical Magnetron Deposition