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EASTEC Manufacturing Expo

ACS is excited to exhibit at the EASTEC Manufacturing Expo on May 16-18, located at: Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA Attend EASTEC as Our Guest! Save $50 on your EASTEC 2017 admission by registering online with Advanced Coating Service’s promotion code. Use the form below to access your free pass. The EASTEC Guest Pass

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Mark Romach Adds Isoflux Coating Technology to ACS

Advanced Coating Service (ACS) is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Mark Romach to our team. We’re very excited to welcome Mark as he adds the technological knowledge he developed at Isoflux to further advance our medical and R&D coating services. Mark’s experience in the thin film vacuum coating industry began in 1981 when

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3D visualization of the coating process

pvd coating

What Is PVD Coating?

PVD coating, or Physical Vapor Deposition coating, defines a variety of vacuum coating methods. These coating techniques are used to apply an extremely thin film to objects that require protective barriers, decorative colors, or various other functional benefits. How does PVD Coating Work? PVD coating vaporizes specialized materials through a high tech vacuum process. The

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