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Contract Coating


With our extensive experience developing and applying coatings, contract coating potentially offers a lower risk and lower cost alternative to developing coating technology in your facility.

Whether it’s a handful of samples for feasibility studies, or short runs for clinical trials, or ongoing production coating, our contract coating services can help to get your new product out on the market faster at a lower cost.

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Cylindrical Magnetrons

system10-31Isoflux’s Hollow Cathode Magnetron Sources (or “inverted cylindrical magnetrons”) use cylindrical targets to encompass the substrate with coating materials. Our inverted magnetrons are ideal to coat complex, 3D shapes, fibers, wires, and many other substrates. Much more efficient than planar magnetrons, the cylindrical magnetron design offers: 

The cylindrical design creates a more efficient and simple process as it allows entire 3D items to be coated at once, without the need for rotation. Unlike many planar magnetron designs, the magnetic field in the cylindrical magnetron produces uniform plasma, which offers a more uniform use of materials. The cylindrical magnetron uses around 75% of the target because most of the deposition material that isn’t deposited on the substrate is re-deposited onto the target. 

Therefore, you can expect: