Romach Adds Isoflux Coating Technology | Advanced Coating Service

Mark Romach, Engineering _ R_D Manager

Advanced Coating Service (ACS) is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Mark Romach to our team. We’re very excited to welcome Mark as he adds the technological knowledge he developed at Isoflux to further advance our medical and R&D coating services.

Mark’s experience in the thin film vacuum coating industry began in 1981 when he was first employed by Eastman Kodak Company in their research and development department, investigating PVD films for optical and functional coatings.

In the mid 80s, Mark transferred within Kodak to begin working with a group headed by David Glocker, PhD, a prominent scientist in the PVD industry. That assignment required supporting thin film activities within Manufacturing and Engineering for Kodak Park, Kodak Mexico, and Kodak Australia and included the product launch of the vacuum metallized PhotoCD™ in 1992.

In 2000, Mark left Kodak and started working for Dave Glocker’s startup company, Isoflux, Inc. Isoflux is an engineering, process, and research company that works primarily on medical, optical, and precious metal PVD applications.

Dave authored patents, with Mark as a co-author, on the “VisTa” medical coating and on the inverted cylindrical magnetron (ICM) sputtering cathodes, which Isoflux has leveraged into many production vacuum coating lines.

In 2016, Mark joined ACS to help us go forward with the latest technological knowledge in tool coating, as well as continuing to provide the medical and precious metal R&D coatings that Isoflux spun out of their business model and transferred to ACS.

With Mark as a part of our team, our customers, both present and future, will benefit from our expanded knowledge and expertise in the thin film coating world.

Welcome aboard Mark.